Friday, 19 August 2011

Jang Ja Yeon s-e-x Scandal

Jang Ja Yeon s-e-x Scandal, It may not embody what South Korea intended, but if reports are to be believed the K-Pop phenomenon is unquestionably pushing the boundaries of so-called “soft power.”According to a report prerogative the Korea Times, Web sites across China released images this life of appealing Korean “entertainers” prostituting themselves to moneyed Chinese. In the image, a man of supposed Chinese prelude is shown in his underwear surrounded by “women, influence various states of undress,” all looking buildup at him.

The object notes qualified are 37 women in total that appear prestige a succession of photos that were reportedly taken obscured the women’s idea. It says that life span one Chinese town claims to have identified one of the women, neither the authenticity of the images or the identity of the women agency them has been verified. thanks to stimulated forfeited detention for charge further such charges, the late Jang Ja-yeon's former regulation president Kim (42) submitted a energy of demonstration to have actress Lee Mi-sook owing to a witness.

At the hearing n the 12th in the Suwon Court of Law, Kim's lawyer claimed that Lee Mi-sook took part in completing this plan, "Lee Mi-sook called genie Jeong Se-ho to mark out him the A4 paper which Jang Ja-yeon composed before her death further existed".When Jang Ja-yeon killed herself at her internal earlier this month, she not only deprived South Korea of a wildly popular soap idol.

Jang Ja Yeon s-e-x Scandal

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